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The adoption of a child is an act of love and a joyful commitment to meeting a child's needs for years and for decades, come what may. Before you can experience the joy of adoption, however, you must meet the requirements of complex adoption laws, including stringent domestic laws and, often, international and state-to-state laws.

Before you decide to adopt, you will have many questions that require answers:

  • Do I need to be a certified foster parent to adopt?
  • Can my child's birth parents demand visitation rights after my child's adoption is finalized?
  • What is the difference between an open and closed adoption, and can I chose between them?
  • Am I eligible for any adoption tax credits?
  • How much will my child's adoption cost?

Attorney Lee Benshoof can answer your questions and provide experienced adoption law legal services. We have helped numerous couples navigate the confusing legal processes inherent to every adoption.

Through our legal experience and intimate familiarity with the adoption process, we can provide comprehensive, "global" adoption services, including answering questions, referring you to services and agencies and executing the legal processes of your child's adoption.

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