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Prenuptial Agreements

Pre-nuptial agreements can be structured in almost any way agreed to by both partners. Often pre-nuptial agreements are used to protect business interests, layout how assets will be distributed if the marriage ends, or protect the interests of children from a previous marriage. Some pre-nuptial agreements have sunset provisions that allow for the protections in the agreement to end if the marriage lasts a specific length of time.

Prenuptial Planning

In pre-nuptial planning, you can decide how to protect your retirement or any inheritance you may have, and sometimes we arrange for the parties to keep some or all of their income in separate accounts. A joint account can also be established to share in the day to day expenses and planning for family vacations. In cases where the parties getting married have children from a prior marriage, it is very important to plan on how the children will be taken care of in the event of death of one spouse.

Pre-marital planning also allows for the open discussion of assets owned prior to the marriage. Often those assets can be protected in a revocable trust or by other means agreed to by both partners.

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